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Improve the digestive function of dairy cows, increase milk production, and limit nitrogenous waste.


NOVATAN® is a natural and alternative solution made with essential oils and trace elements. Its action increases the zootechnical performances of dairy cows by improving the use of the proteins in the diet

Objectives of  NOVATAN®:

  •     Improve the digestive function of the dairy cow by improving the use of protein in the diet
  •     Increase milk production and protein in milk
  •     Increase protein efficiency and limit nitrogenous waste


NOVATAN® operates a targeted action in the rumen: stimulation of microbial protein synthesis and increasing the amount of bypass protein. It works by increasing the quantity of digestible protein in the intestine (up to +35%).

The optimisation of protein of the diet also reduces ammonia production (up to 40 %), ruminal pH is better controlled, and the digestive comfort of the animal is improved, due to better management of metabolic disorders.

Its effectiveness results in increased milk production (up 1.5 litre/cow/day) and the milk protein content (+ 1 gramme/litre), a reduction of urea in the milk. It benefits from an updated evaluation of the active principles conducted in collaboration with INRA, and has an INPI patent.

NOVATAN is usually used by nutritionists in three different ways : balance RDP/DUP and optimise protein level, substitute by-pass protein or reoptimise the diet with cheaper sources of protein.

NOVATAN® is an additive solution acclaimed by many users in various countries over the last 15 years.


NOVATAN® is an alternative solution made with essential oils, aromatic compounds and trace elements.

Direction For Use

According to the concentration of the premix and the nutritional levels of the feed formula, it incorporates between 1 and 10 kg per tonne of feed


Powder. Packaging in bags or big-bags.

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